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Arcalion has a chemically active ingredient named sulbutiamine and it is a synthetic derivative of thiamine or vitamin B1. This medication is used in variety of health issues. Generally, the drug is effective in treating memory issues and cognitive ailments. Along with it, Arcalion 200 mg is efficient in treating diabetes, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia etc. It is also prescribed for eliminating postpartum depression. Moreover, people buy Arcalion online as a sole treatment alternative for Asthenia – a condition where a person experiences chronic fatigue which results from neurological origin. The medication helps in reducing symptoms of weakness and helps in enhancing focusing power, physical and mental strength, and energy. The drug offers increased alertness, stabilized sleep pattern and also helps in reducing lethargy. Some studies have proved that Arcalion Sulbutiamine has an active role in treating erectile dysfunction caused by psychological conditions.

Arcalion 200 Mg
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What is the role of Arcalion in memory enhancement?

When you consume the drug, it reaches to the brain tissues after breaking the blood-brain barrier and gets dissociated into vitamin B1 and related ester compounds. Studies and experiments have shown that the medicine promotes increased levels of vitamin B1 or thiamine in the blood which are far better than those caused by taking thiamine supplements alone. These increased levels of thiamine bring in the desired results.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which is actively involved in to processes such as sensing pleasure, learning system and focusing power. Arcalion (Sulbutiamine) helps in enhancing the amount of dopamine in the brain to offer better concentration and learning abilities. As Arcalion Nootropil 800mg is also very popular medication for memory enhancement. The drug is affective in enhancing your mood and cognitive abilities as well.

Who cannot take arcalion?

Some people start developing allergic reactions to the chemical ingredient present in the drug. These people should not consume Arcalion and must look for other alternative. People with history of mood changes or any psychological condition should have a word with the doctor before taking the drug. Elderly need to get their health monitored whole being on the medicine. Children under the age of 17 are not allowed to take the medication.

Who can buy Sulbutiamine?

People seeking for an efficient memory enhancement tool can buy Arcalion online. It is important to seek medical advice before buying the drug. You should tell your doctor about your medical history and medications you are already consuming so that it would be easier for your doctor to design dosages of Sulbutiamine for you.

Is Arcalion safe in pregnancy?

Unfortunately, we do not have enough clinical evidences to check whether Arcalion is a safe choice of smart drugs for pregnant women or those who wish to get pregnant while being on the drug. Without enough data available, it is pretty difficult to check whether the drug affects the growing foetus.

What if I missed the dosage?

It is ideal not to miss scheduled dosages as this leads to uneven amount of drug in the system causing delayed results or affects the overall effectiveness of the drug. You need to take the skipped dosage as soon as you remember it. If the next dosage is lined up, you should not take the missed dose and continue with the new, scheduled one.

Can I take Arcalion on an empty stomach?

Yes you can! As long as your stomach does not develop irritation while absorbing the drug, you can have the medicine on an empty stomach. If you start experiencing stomach irritation or burning sensation, you must start having the medication along with food.

Is Arcalion safe for breastfeeding mothers?

The chances of this medicine passes into the breast milk are on the higher side and therefore breast feeding mothers need to talk with their doctors before buying Arcalion online. The medicine might affect the nursing baby and therefore one has to be cautious while using this drug especially when they are in the breast feeding period.

What is the accurate dosage of Arcalion?

The recommended dosage is Arcalion 200 mg which is ideal for treating Alzheimer’s disease, dementia in Parkinson’s disease, age related memory loss and stroke. Your doctor might start off the treatment with the lowest dosage of the medicine and gradually increase the dose size. The dose size and frequency of doses depend on the type of medical issue is being treated. Sulbutiamine 200 mg pills need to be swallowed as whole with a large glass of water. Dosages can be modified if the patient is dealing with kidney or liver issues.

Does Arcalion interact with other medicines?

Some medications might interact with Arcalion causing delayed result production. In some cases, this smart drug interferes with the action mechanism of other medications you are consuming. In both the cases, a person suffers from a set of side issues and sometimes it results in reduced effectiveness of one or both the medicines.

Before buying Arcalion online, you must tell your doctor about other medications you are on to. This helps in designing and scheduling dosage timings in order to prevent interaction thus avoiding severe or unpleasant effects.

Following are the medicines that interact with Arcalion or vice versa:

  • Antidepressants
  • Steroids
  • Furosemide
  • Digoxin

What are the side effects of Arcalion?

Side effects are caused by all medications. These are the unpleasant experiences that stay with you for a couple of days or as long as your body gets used to the medicine. Sometimes, the side issues arise due to the excipients or other chemicals used in the making of the drug. You need to educate yourself about side effects caused by the medication.

Arcalion causes mild as well as severe side effects. The onset of these aftermaths depends on how you consume the drug. If you take the medicine with alcohol or alcoholic beverages, chances of developing serious side issues increase. Common side issues do not require medical attention while severe side effects do.

Common side effects are:

  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Irritation
  • Conjunctivitis

Severe side issues are:

  • Lupus symptoms
  • High levels of uric acid
  • Renal failure (Rare cases)
  • Dermatitis