Privacy Policy

Your privacy holds an utmost importance to us. With increase in online threat, we understand it is not easy for customers to share their personal as well as banking details online. Our website is secured with the advanced security system which ensures no data being leaked to the third party. This privacy policy is designed to educate you about how we collect, process and save your data with us. Your data would not be shared with any third party without your consent.

You can go through the following points to understand the privacy policy and how it works in your favour.

  • You will be informed before we use the data fed by you. Your data will not be used for any kind of promotional activities without your permission.
  • Your data collected by us helps in keeping you updated with the new offers and discounts being released on timely basis.
  • As mentioned earlier, your personal information would be kept with us as long as it is required. Our system has unique safety features that save data from being attacked by viruses and third party spam wares.
  • We use personal data such as email address and phone details to communicate with the customers once the order is placed. This data is valuable tool of communication to update customer about his/her order details and status.
  • Our customer care team will get in touch with you if we wish to use your information for sending you promotional newsletters via email.
  • We are committed to protect your personal and professional data. Our security system helps in safeguarding your information regardless of the situation.

The packing of the parcel is discreet so that nobody can identify what is inside. You can track down your order privately with the order number provided to you via email.